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Performances of Dutch Acrobats

We host a variety of exhibitions and shows in which you will see ‘The Best’ of Dutch folklore presented with clever acrobatics and physical humor

In our performances we use a visual approach in our storytelling. Dutch elements are combined with universal characters and situations which makes our circus and theater very appropriate for intercultural events.  As we use many different levels in our performances our shows can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

For many years we have performed world wide at all kinds of events. We have no problem with performing in unusual spaces (see picture at bottom) as long as we have 2.5 m clearence / height.

Organising a Dutch Exhibition with a small cast or tight budget? We can bring you entertaining programs that are easy to organise as well as a variety of smaller activities with low level input.


Stage Shows  / Business Events

      focus on representing Holland       

Stage shows: Slightly poetic, captivating and acrobatic performances in traditional Dutch costumes. A visual treat in which domestic challenges will be solved in unexpected and playful manners.  Welcome to the Dutch approach

Street Theater

       Focus on the down home Dutch countryside     

Street theater: a glimpse in the life of a friendly rural couple that always needs clever acrobatics to save themselves and the audience from the situations they constantly create. Meet farmer Driekus and his wife Bertha.

As these street shows shift the focus from Holland to countryside we perform our street theater under the name of Circus Klomp

For a specialised website for street theater from Circus Klomp click “here”