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Animation & Interactivity


The skits and walk-acts from the Dutch Acrobats are characterised by their friendly atmosphere. The colorful costumes and high-skill acrobatics attract from afar. While exploring the event our charming acrobats invite you to surprising situations and love to create happy confusion.

Welcome to join in.

Which walk act is right for you?

Dutch Giants

a rural couple on stilts

Dutch folk costumes in super size. But even the smallest people in town are welcome to shake their hands. You will be introduced to the Dutch ritual of greetings and probably you are kindly asked to help out with the situations that these Dutch Giants constantly create.

Captivating confusion arises when these typical Dutch folk people try to build order and sequences in their surroundings and between the visitors. They never know how, but with a little bit of help they always get things done. This is how they create festive moments at your events. Welcome to join their celebration.


a rural couple on acrobatic tour

A spectacular approach on clogdancing. This walk act draws attention from afar en gets even more attractive when close. The ball will be opened by the Dutch Acrobats themselves. Who wants to hook up afterwards? You can join at all levels. You can stay seated with some dances. In others you just have to keep your fingers crossed (or your upper arms),  Every participant will be offered easy access to a short and successful circus performance as all our dancing roads lead to Rome and result. Take your change and and get rewarded with a free feeling of victory. Come on… join in! Seize the day!

Grand Masters of painting

walk acts on stilts around Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh

The re-birth of the Grand Masters of Dutch painting; In a matter of moments, strangers in the crowd are brought together by these giants and are modeled into theatrical poses for a flash portrait. The reward is an unexpected Dutch souvenir. Speed dating and speed painting all rolled into one entertaining experience.

Workshops from Dutch Acrobats

Walk-in workshop Dutch Folk Circus

a combination of Old-Dutch Folk Games and circus skills


At your event we create a defined space where anyone who wants can enjoy the props, skills and fun of a Dutch circus farm. Suitable for all ages and guided by qualified circus teachers. 

Roll up your sleeves and aim and balance, turn and swing, throw and catch, climb and scramble, We ensure your safety.  

Training & Team building

with partner-acrobatics

Challenging workshops on all levels in which we build balancing human structures. These activities are based on collaboration, physical balance and mutual trust. For team building, for technical acrobatic schooling or just for a funny and unexpected experience.

For team building we have accessible workshops in partner-acrobatics that suit everyone. All participants experience that if you stand back to back the group is more than the sum of the participants.

We have qualified teachers who graduated from the pedagogic circus school in Brussels, Belgium. We teach at the Acrobatic School from Stichting Stapel in Amsterdam.